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Thursday, August 24, 2006

SF Update Redux

Just a follow up on my post of August 15. When I showed my SF students the second part of the SF history slide show, I asked them to just watch the slides and then write for 5 minutes about what they found interesting or important, or what they connected to. Though some students responded with a borng list of topics, most of them did exactly what I'd hoped -- they connected with the show in some way, expressing an interest and, in some cases, some profound insights about the purpose of SF. The responses were much more fun and satisfynig to read than their answers to a test.


  • At Mon Aug 28, 06:43:00 PM 2006, Blogger Ms. Kakos said…

    I like the idea of using this as an introductory method. I showed my English 10 class a few photographs from the Great Depression and had them draw their own conclusions. They were definitely more engaged than they would have been if they had been copying down information from a Powerpoint. I'm also a fan of your vocab. blog...it might be fun to have them link vocab. words to photographs, videoclips, or other sites as well.


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